One + One = One / pen drawing

 Embrassant à l'envers

Dancing women / watercolor

Rainy day

Couple amoureux / watercolor

Bicycle Lovers / watercolor

  Duel between super boy vs confused chiken

Duel between super boy vs confused chiken

flower mom s1.jpg

1+1=1 w/ digital background color

Spring Lovers / watercolor

Wedding Day / watercolor

First Kiss / watercolor

Dance with me / watercolor with digital effect

Kissing on horse / watercolor

Honeymoon / watercolor

Middle age couple / watercolor + digital leaves

Shy Lovers in the garden / pen drawing

Old couple / mixed

Autumn Kiss / watercolor

Dance in the rain / watercolor w/ ink

Dancing couple and a fat yellow bird / watercolor

Night couple / Pen Drawing

The ordinary love / watercolor

  Sharing pain / watercolor

Sharing pain / watercolor

Making love / pen drawing

It's You / watercolor

Dolphins and boat couple / watercolor

Time in a bottle for lovers / watercolor