Deep Memory

I have deep memory in my heart about oil painting. It simply gives me the feeling of belonging in quite a strong way. My oil paintings are not properly educated as matter of material and technique, I mean there is nothing new about it. I have thought many times that this spacious illusion I have between myself and oil painting process is related with true life purpose, only problem is.. I've been keep slipped away from it way too often. I still say that this is one of the best connections I ever have.

나의 정신세계 과정 (Process of my conscience) Blog (블로그)

나에겐 유화에 대한 오래된 기억들이 존재한다. 데쟈뷰같은 단순히 아주강한 소속감같은것이다. 나의 오일 페인팅들은 교육을 받지못했다.그러므로 테크닉이 없다. 그냥 감정과 생각에의해서 그려졌다고 본다. 그안에는 상상할수없는 거대한 공간이 존재하며,진정한 삶의 의미를 준다는 환상이 내가슴을 뛰게한다. 한가지 문제점은 내삶에서 유화를 마주할내가 자주 결석이라는점이다. 하지만 내가 살아온인생에서 맺은 가장 좋은 관계중 하나로 늘 내 가슴을 뛰게하는 그 무엇이라고 말할수있다.

House of Mind 1

These paintings were made when I was aware that understanding started in deeper place in me when I look inside. Red dress is my passionate mind wanting to know more about myself.  The Elephant is for gravity which represents sincere attitude. This mind leads me into the door of true meditation.

자신의 안을 깊숙히 들여다보는것이 얼마나 중요하고 가치있는가를 이해하게되었을때 이 그림들을 그리게 되었다. 빨간드레스는 내가 알고싶어하는 정열이며, 코끼리는 진정한마음의 무게를 뜻한다. 이러한마음이 나를 진정한 명상의 문으로 이끌어주었다.

Spirits 1

There are so many invisible things around us. It is possible that space is not a space at all. Full of things we can not see... We are totally blind because we have physical eyes. They are quite limited. Have you imagine the eyes of soul?

Angels in vulture

Somewhere in mind

Helaing process


LIfe has its unfathomable beauty when understanding of self comes.

House of Mind 2

When the prospect or point of view changes, everything change and nothing really change.Thinking of the soil where millions death bodies lie to feed garbage insects and rat kinds. Living body needs the food from that soil. Our body is just the process of nature. 

바라보는 관점이 바뀔때 모든것이 바뀌고 또 아무것도 바뀌지않는다. 흙이란 무엇인가. 수천만 인간의 몸이 부패되어 벌레나 쥐들을 먹여살리는곳. 우리의몸은 그속에서 만들어진 음식을 필요로한다. 몸이란 자연이 변해가는 현상일뿐이다.

Spirits 2

I think about how we've been connected with unseen things and how we've interacted with them since the moment we were born or even before. It is not a belief, it is quite clear to me. To be sensible and aware their beings are there.

Angles in iguana

Somewhere in mind

Healing process


Jeanne's family in 2014

House of Mind 3

This was the first painting about this series. At that time I was looking at scars and hypocritical side of my mind. I needed a warm white bear to heal my cold and brutal side of mind. It immerses in me. Through this process I understand that how kind person I should be. It was in there but hard to keep closer.

이시리즈의 첫번째 그림이다. 이때 나는 내 상처들과 모순된 나의마음을 보고있었다. 하얀곰은 나의 차갑고 잔인한면을 가진 마음들을 치유해주고 나는 더깊이 들어간다. 이과정에서 친절한사람에 대한 이해가 있었다. 나는 거기있었지만 가까이서 머무는것은 쉽지않았다.

Moon Fish

This is one of falling series. Animals and fish were presented beside falling humans. Breathing in deep troubles is always difficult but there is always something beautiful about it at the same time. This moon fish gives light in darkness.

Dream of ribboned whale

When I had my first whale dream, I painted.

Without her - Mellany

The silence under the water

Memory of father

around the sea