Pen Drawing

Pen drawing is what I can do when I have a pen. Often I love to make simple lines instead of detailed complicated work. For me it is very related with breathing and simple mind. I can make lines without much thoughts, for example while I was talking with someone I just draw lines without intentions, otherwise when I make decisions and they have to go straight, it feels like the rhythm of breathing is only tool I can use. While following into straight lines, there mistaken lines happen but it is important to accept that error and to continue breathing in and out. That error is not terrible I figured out many times. It also happens by the edge of paper and wrong position while I need to move. I am saying that pen drawing is quite a meditation. When I was young I've learned how to free myself between paper and pencil. There is vast air of freedom in that limited paper. That feeling of liberation. Once you experience it you won't forget. Because it is a communication with oneself.

When many thick lines are together, they are much more attractive and we can feel all the efforts were added but a single line can be strong and beautiful also. Like this woman's figure... rhythmical  breathing is flowing very quietly. I admire deeply this single beauty lines. It teaches me that they have nothing to do with me Julia, a human. I am just moving when I have a capacity to listen and act, but also I miss so many things. As I said earlier it is important to focus on what I can catch.  These work is my way to get to know and connect to God where there is totally different level of being.