Walk Alone

Poem by Monk Bubjung


Walk alone !

Completely alone brings complete freedom. 

Go into lonely solitude.

Walk alone where there is no one.

Don't depend on anyone.

Don't expect someone to notice you.

To feel and aware of self,

Walk completely alone.

To expect is not walking alone.

It withers the full energy of self.

If it's not complete solitude, it is not solitude.

Practice to be alone.

Go into solitude to feel alone.

Be friend with that solitude.

The feeling of loneliness will hinder to be alone.

But you don't need to be deceived by that feeling.

That feeling of loneliness is a signal of awareness.

Loneliness! In that deep forest, the beauty

We are longing for is breathing.

To be alone is 

Sitting with self and

Time of flowering true self.

If we live outside, 

We lose time to be with self.

And that is true loneliness and true solitude.

Being alone completely brings complete freedom.

It leads to be one with self therefore 

to meet true you.