Asking oneself

What I see through 'immaculate order' in the universe is that we are profoundly related to them. To question self mind is like stepping in abstract uncertainties at times. But like from the letter of Rainer Maria Rilke, one need to be patient toward all that is unsolved and try to love the questions themselves.  

Mind state Formula 1

Human mind is like flowing liquid. Whatever one has in mind it effects all around him. This first one is someone who hates the others because of different country, race, religion and so on. They are looking for right reasons to hate but the point is not 'the right reason' but 'one's mind with hatred'.

mind that blame others

Ego superior/ centered mind  

Self centered mind level 1

Self centered mind level 1

C'est comment, ton expression de la vie?

Are you making a beautiful expression out of life?

Struggle to embrace 1

Mind state Formula 2

To protect oneself or to show that one has power, reaction activates. To protect my family and my country I could kill others. This mind belongs to this second group formula. This mind stays in a fragile moving state. The nature of mind receive demands to increase capacity for understanding.

mind that see both sides

Ego Fragile/ reaction-aggressive mind

self centered mind level 2

self centered mind level 2

Energy with brush stroke

Struggle to embrace 2

Mind state Formula 3

Mind that flows to all directions. This mind listens whole sense and let the energy flow though oneself. This mind generates fresh energy without intention. This is empty mind I expressed but there is limit since I have to use my own understanding which didn't reach the whole, for drawing.

mind that integrate much more

Ego kind/ connected to timeless mind

Self centered mind level 3

Self centered mind level 3

Energy lost direction

Struggle to embrace 3