Do not stand at my grave and weep / watercolor

Poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Mahatma Gandhi / pen

Zebra is not a horse? watercolor

I many times thought peace had come.

Emily Dickinson  / watercolor

Song of Travis / mixed

From the book Four Elements / pen

John O'Donohue.

The word became flesh.

The word became ashes.

Stormy boat / mixed

The ocean

Song of Mercedes Sosa / watercolor

Cancion: Yo venga a offrecer mi corazon.

Song of blind girl / pen and digital color

Gainsbourg song with classic dress / watercolor


Can you find other activities? / pen drawing.

Catch me if you can / watercolor

Martin Luther King / pen + digital color.

I have a dream + dance of Matisse

The unseen mind / pen

Nikolas Tesla / pen

Biking boat and flute boy / watercolor

Man is his own star / watercolor

 by John Fletcher

Renaud Song / watercolor + digital background

It is not the man who takes the ocean. 

It is the sea who takes the man.

I want a baby French song / color pencil

Girl with wheelchair / pen w/digital color.

Antartica / watercolor

Monk Bob Jung: non possession life

Whale and ship / pen